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40 Reasons You’re Unique, Incredible and Worth Celebrating

40 Reasons You’re Unique, Incredible, and Worth Celebrating

Hi! My name is Meave. And I wish to let you know that you are special. You are beautiful. You are compassionate. And your soul is pure. You are truly amazing and definitely worth appreciating. I can bet that your mind is always busy picking and pointing out the things you lack and then feeling pathetic about yourself even when you could be focusing on all the amazing things about yourself and rejoicing it.

5 Practical Mind Hacks to Stop Procrastination

5 Practical Mind Hacks to Stop Procrastination

We all have those days when the tasks at hand keep getting delayed by the hours and maybe even by the day. The little couch potato inside us all just doesn’t get ready to work at times and procrastination becomes the routine of the day. Having a few tricks up your sleeve for the lesser productive ogres inside us is always a helpful way to get through to do the things we should be doing.