Reason To Why You Are Sad

Reason to Why You are Sad

Every feeling has an energy field.

Happiness and joy are nothing but invisible energy fields. And so are sadness, anxiety, pain, and stress.

Think back about your school days and try to recall how the magnets have an energy field around them called a magnetic energy field.

These energy fields are not visible to the naked eye.

Also recall, the test where the magnets are shown to attract bits of iron metal.

The smallest object such as an atom, a stone, a tree even a house, to the largest objects such as Astroids, Planets, Stars, and Galaxies have energy fields.

An interesting fact is that we human beings also have energy fields which we commonly call “Vibes” or “Vibrations”! Yes, it’s true! Vibes is a real thing.

It is also popularly called as “Aura”.

If you are a really conscious being and you have experienced the true moment of presence, you must have also felt other being’s vibes. But that’s a topic for another day. 

Human frequency

Blessed as we are, humans, have the ability to control, shift, and change our vibes and the kind of things, feelings, and situations we attract our way.

All energies including the life energy sustain as we feed them. Hence we eat and drink to assist the vital life-giving energy of our body.

In the same way, think of all emotions as energy fields vibrating at different frequencies.

We feed these frequencies in certain ways.

Let’s take a look at an example: Adam is a janitor at St.John’s Convent School.

He has a bad financial situation and is constantly being treated negatively by his boss and other students.

His life situation doesn’t seem to get any better by the day. He hasn’t gotten a raise for 3 years. Here is Adam’s thought process: 

“I really have no money”

“My boss is such an !@#$, he is treating me like garbage”

“The student always insult me”

“I wish I had more money but looks like that’s never happening”

These thoughts are like food for the negative energy field.

One way or anything adam is responsible for maintaining a low energy frequency and hence only attracts low-frequency energy fields which bring him more shame, guilt, grief, anger, etc. 

On the contrary, let’s look at James who is also a janitor at St. Peter’s Convent School.

James might be a janitor but he is the star of the school.

He loves his job to keep the school clean. His boss is constantly praising him for being such a lively and clean person.

He is earning twice as much as he was earning last year. The students love his jokes and the younger ones are always bringing him cookies.

The basketballers too keep inviting him to play as he was also quite a player. Here is Jame’s thought process:

“Cleaning is my thing.”

“Man I love playing basketball with those kids.”

“My boss really gets my jokes. I couldn’t have asked for a better boss.”

“Principal is a little mean but I can always impress her with my work.”

“I’ll clean the washrooms so hard, my boss will have to give me a raise!”

Now with this thought process, James is always feeding the energy fields of gratitude, forgiveness, affection, and joy. He is hence able to maintain a higher level of frequency of life.

Remember! Ther energy fields exist BECAUSE you exist.

These emotions and thoughts are not you.

You are the HOST! and these are what you give rise to! If you feed certain energy fields, you make these fields stronger.

A common mistake we all make is that we strengthen these fields by feeding them with a thought pattern of the same frequency.

These low energy fields such as anger, grief, sadness, stress, guilt fear, shame are all called Pain Bodies.

The readers who have read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle will recognize this term from the book.  

These pain bodies manifest in our bodies and force a similar frequency of thought patterns to survive and to grow strong.

Once these fields are strong enough to take over us – the Host, we begin to associate our being with these energies.

We start to associate our nature with these and hence store in our sub-conscious mind that we are a negative person with thoughts like

“I am stressed “

” I am emotionally damaged “

” I am so sad all the time “

What you are unknowingly doing, is that you are programming your subconscious mind to always be say, be emotionally damaged, and stressed!

Here is how your brain actually responds to contact thoughts such as above,

“Alright, So you wanna be stressed all the time? okay I can make that happen.

I will keep you in a stressed frequency so that nothing happy ever comes your way”.

Now read the above statement again, not with an impudent tone, but rather alike a while who knows nothing bad or good.

Yes! your subconscious mind is like a child who doesn’t get a joke, neither is sarcasm it’s a cup of tea. It only understands the straightforward language. And in a straightforward way, you are constantly telling it that you want to be sad all the time. 

To recapitulate, as a host, you give these pain-bodies to manifest in your body and take control.

And you eventually being to live as a pain body and not your true natural self. This is the moment you being to associate with these pain-bodies you forget yourself and being to think “This is YOU”.

This is truly not the case. So my dear fellow Human, WAKE UP! and kill those PAIN BODIES!

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