The Power of positive thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

In the Kaliyuga we, the common man, are suffering from a disease! A disease called “thinking”. As much as we refrain from it, we forever seem to be trapped in a never-ending loop of thoughts. 

We either live our present moments either remembering the past, reminiscing, or thinking about how things could have been done differently, or we live our present moments dreaming about the future. 

As a result, we base our current either on something that has gone past or something that yet hasn’t happened. “Thinking” is not a bad habit but multiple loops of thoughts of it can push our lives into a non-retrievable mess.

We, humans, have two minds in our heads. An objective mind or what could be called a conscious mind. And a subjective mind or also known as the subconscious mind.

The objective mind is the one that sees the objects of the worlds and produces judgments on the biases of these images. The objective mind is analytical, critical, and has a protective nature. It is the part of our mind that produces thoughts. 

The objective mind has the power to analyze and question our feelings. It has the power to talk back and create this discussion and chose the best possible idea that matches best with our defined/built nature. 

“Thoughts are based on the objective experience of what we observe.

“Thoughts” are nothing but the feedback of a certain situation or the result of certain actions.

The subjective mind on the other hand is naïve, innocent, and doesn’t have the ability to repent. The subjective mind is what creates our experiences. 

Thoughts are like seeds created by the experiences of the objective world.

The subjective mind is like the harmonious bed of soil that takes in any seed and beings to manifest. The more time you give to a certain thought, the more it will begin to manifest and grow into your subjective mind and hence reflect in your life.

It is a simple cycle that creates your experiences in life. 

Once there stood a lady on a rocking boat who was riding the boat for the first time. A sailor went up to her and said, “Are you alright? Your face looks pale and you don’t seem too well altogether. Are you seasick? May I take you to the cabin below? That will make you feel better.”

“The subjective mind is entirely under the control of the objective mind. With the utmost fidelity, it reproduces and works out to its final consequence whatever the objective mind impresses upon it”

– Thomas Troward

A simple suggestion got her head thinking about maybe she really is feeling seasick.

Thoughts begin to flood her mind

“Is my face really pale?”

“Why is my face pale?”

“Am I about to feel sick?”

“Am I about to also feel nauseated?”

“Maybe it’s the first time on the boat which is making me feel sick!”

“I SHOULD go to the cabin and take the rest.” 

Moments later, the woman was vomiting, feeling seasick. Her subconscious mind accepted these autosuggestions as a request. 

A reaction in the objective mind (the thoughts) which was a result of the objective world’s analysis (the sailor’s suggestion) manifested in her mind and the subjective mind began to give it a very similar experience. (sea-sickness) 

The subjective mind is like a child.

It does not understand a joke. It takes every thought literally and begins its work to give the very experience you ask for.

The more you ponder or stress upon a thought, be it negative or positive, the more of it will you begin to experience in your life. 

Hence never think of negative thoughts like –

“I cant…”

“I’m too old for…”

“I can’t afford to…”

“I won’t be able to…”

“I don’t have the strength to…”

“With age, my memory is growing week”

Thoughts like think manifest in your subconscious and the more you repeat these thoughts, the more they will begin to be associated with your choice of nature or lifestyle and your subconscious will make sure that your life always abides by these rules. 

On the contrary, always practice thinking good thoughts like –

“Money comes easily to me.”

“I am a very fun-loving person and charming.”

“I can do…”

“The older I grow, the sharper my memory grows..”

“I attract good fortune wherever I go”

“My luck is very sharp”

Thoughts like these will slowly manifest in your subjective mind and the power within your subconscious will begin to give a similar objective experience.

Hence “Thoughts” can either break you or make you. You always have a choice!   

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Thinking”

  1. It’s amazing what changing a couple of words can do when we talk to ourselves. I have always struggled with negative self talk, but like anything else, with practice it get’s better. Thanks for this good reminder!

  2. Totally agree with this post, we really can completely transform our minds when we work hard to remain positive. It takes a lot of practise, but once it becomes a habit it’s so worth it. Lovely post! 🙂

    Anika |

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