What Is The Law Of Attraction?

What is the Law of attraction?

There is plenty of material out in the world that explains what Law of attraction is. It would be rather rare if you wouldn’t have come across the phrase “Law of Attraction”.

In the simplest words, as they say, like attracts like, positive vibrations posed out into the universe shall, in turn, attract positive circumstances which could put you in a similar vibration.

Like many laws of nature, such as gravity, Law of attraction is Universal and always at work. Your belief in it will neither favor nor disfavor you as an individual or your graph of life.

I see people talking about it, trying to practice it with a vague idea of the simplest things! But here we are not only going to scratch the surface but rather cut open this box of mystery.

If you are tired of reading about having good thoughts and manifesting your desires by thinking about it but are not able to fetch any results. I’m about to share the “How-to’s” which will help you understand what you’re missing out and why the Law of attraction is not working for you.

How to use the law of attraction?

Let me now dive into what I really wish to share with you! I shall not discuss the outlines of this law which are confined to desiring, positive thoughts, being grateful, and visualizing. But I shall discuss “HOW” to do all of these things the right way.

Anyone trying to practice Law of attraction might be failing because they are lacking the element of feeling! It is the foremost important thing which I see people fail at, miserably.

The Universal Law of attraction is not just a play of thoughts. It’s a play of energy. It’s a play of emotions. Once you master playing with emotions and feelings. You will be able to manifest your destiny with easy.

How to Desire?

As human beings, we all progress in life with desires. From the smallest cravings of ice-cream, sushi, burger to the big dream of owning assets like cars, houses, mobile phones to desires of luxury vacations and having that perfect dream job.

But before learning the right way, we must list what desiring is NOT:

  • Desire is not begging for something from anyone or even a God-figure.
  • Desire is not a repetition of favorable thoughts.
  • Desire is not day-dreaming about what you want.

So how to desire? Desire is also a feeling! An emotion!

Take into consideration, that when you desire something, you feel a deep hollow or emptiness in your chest. Capture this emotion and remember it. The more intense that feeling. So is the intensity of your desire. The higher the intensity of desire, the higher is the motivation. When you feel that feeling, note – THAT is the frequency you are putting your body in!

You have to focus on that hollow feeling in your chest and just as you focus on it, it will give you the boost of motivation to perform the actions you might need to achieve that desire.


It is true that thoughts about a certain desire help us achieve that frequency and feel that emotion, but thoughts can often get you tangled in the past and future. This can lead to the pressure of being a failure, anxiety about the amount of work you might have to put in, what other people might think, wishing you could have done some of these steps in the past, etc.

To avoid this, capture the emotion and work with it.

  • Think about what you want for 1-5 minutes.
  • Now shift your awareness to your chest and upper body and feel the emotions that the thoughts have creates. Feel the greed. Feel the intense hollowness in your chest.
  • As you put your focus onto this feeling. Begin to be aware of your breath. Don’t try to control it.  Just be aware of it. This will help you, not to roll back into your thoughts n get trapped.
  • You have now achieved an emotion called “Burning Desire”. With this vibration, being to now take steps that you need to take!

How to be Grateful?

Being grateful is one of the most powerful technique if performed rightly. Being grateful gives you an opportunity to be grateful for any other things. Hence you achieve many desires you could be grateful for with ease.

  • The desire for an ice-cream (or anything which is very achievable in the next couple of minutes) right now. Take a min or two to really think about it.
  • Now go and fetch that ice-cream (or whatever you desired) and rejoice it. Take your time.
  • Hold on for a minute and ask yourself: “How do I feel?” Really! Bring your awareness to the middle of your chest and tell me, if your chest was a glass of water, how fulfilled are you feeling right now?
  • Now thank the past YOU for fetching that ice-cream (or whatever you achieved), so the present YOU could enjoy it.
  • THAT feeling right there! Capture it! That is the feeling of Gratitude. Congratulations. You have successfully put your body in the vibration, same as gratitude.

It is like the frequency of a radio. Let’s imagine, 92.6 GHz is the frequency of Gratitude. Now the idea is to maintain a body frequency of 92.6 GHz for as long as possible. Because all the things you can be grateful for, will come with ease and quicker if you are at the frequency of Gratitude.

It’s just like a game. Maintaining a certain frequency of emotion to be closer to achieving a something which is of a similar emotion.

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How to visualize your goals?

Now that you have a desire. You have also captured the emotion of that desire. The motivation is bursting out as a consequence. You are performing all the actions needed to achieve. What else could you possibly do?

  • Visualize your achievement
  • Be grateful for it in your visualization.
  • Capture and maintain that emotion.

Just like that ice-cream above, this time, you shall achieve and rejoice your desire in your visualization.

  1. Pick a desire. Take your time to think about it. Feel that emptiness in your chest. Feel the greed.
  2. Now see and feel yourself achieving that desire. And as you do, pick:
  • 5 things you see
  • 4 things you can touch
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things you can smell
  •  1 thing you can taste
  1. Use the above formula, to make your visualization as real as possible. Once you feel you have achieved the level of happiness, you feel the real achievement could provide. Be grateful!
  2. Take your time with the activity. Capture that emotion! Remember it! This is the vibration/frequency you need to put your body in most of the time. In order to achieve what you desire.

How to Believe?

To be in a vibration of gratitude, you need to believe that a certain achievement has already been made.

It can be very tricky for many simply believe!

The fun part of all of this is that, our brain cannot differentiate between a visualization and a real experience. If you visualize amazingly enough for the brain to perceive it as a real experience, it will believe it!

The question still stands, “How to believe?”.

Visualize using the 5-4-3-2-1 technique above to help believe. Once you are performing this technique, repeat to yourself and congratulate yourself at least once during the day for achieve your desire.

Here repetition is necessary to help you reach an emotion of fulfillment.

Note: All these activities, repetitions, affirmation are only to trick your mind into believing! Because once you believe, you are able to feel a certain emotion. When the emotion has been generated successfully in the body, Capture it! Remember it! Feel it! Maintain it!

Law of Attraction is a play of energies and emotions! To achieve a certain situation, you need to be vibrating at the same frequency.

How do we change our frequency? By changing our emotions. 

The real revolution is the evolution of human consciousness. This is Spirituality for Me. I’m here to be a part of this evolution and help fellow humans to wake up to this beautiful life-giving energy, so each one of us can live the way we were meant to live. Please join in with me on this beautiful journey to wake up from the misery of life and step into a better, brighter world!

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