40 Reasons You’re Unique, Incredible and Worth Celebrating

40 Reasons You’re Unique, Incredible, and Worth Celebrating

Hi! My name is Meave. And I wish to let you know that you are special. You are beautiful. You are compassionate. And your soul is pure. You are truly amazing and definitely worth appreciating.

We all have those grey days at some point in life when our self-worth is taking a hit and the wall of confidence seems to be shattering down brick by brick. But let me remind you, it’s not your fault. Today you might feel smaller than the ant that’s crawling by, but remember the days when you’ve stood like a pillar in the storms life hit you with. The days when you’ve been the shoulder for someone to cry on, been there to wipe off some’s tears.

I can bet that your mind is always busy picking and pointing out the things you lack and then feeling pathetic about yourself even when you could be focusing on all the amazing things about yourself and rejoicing it.

Thoughts are just that, thoughts! But very powerful if used wisely and very harmful if left unmonitored. Check out how thoughts can affect your life and wellbeing.

So before you begin to breakdown and feel extra ordinary, I want you to read along and realize, indeed you are extraordinary.

The Kindness You Radiate

  1. You have helped someone in need – whether it was the homeless that you helped, or a friend in need, you were there to make a difference in someone’s life.
  2. You always had good intentions even when the actions seemed wrong. All deeds that you have done, you were always thinking for someone’s wellbeing.
  3. You have made someone laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine, and give the circumstances, there seems to be a scarcity of happiness in the world. But you were there, making someone happy one laughter at a time.
  4. You have appreciated someone. Appreciating and acknowledging someone is the best way to let them know that their efforts are not going in vain. It makes people feel special. You’ve given someone that feeling.
  5. You have looked out for the ones you love. In joy or in vain, you’ve been there for your loved ones and helped them in any way they needed.
  6. You have treated people with respect and benevolence. Sometimes you slip up—you’re only human, after all! Most of the time though, you’ve been a decent human being and treated people with respect.
  7. You have shared your food with others. Sharing is caring and you always showed-up for it.
  8. You have asked people how they’re doing. Irrespective of the answer you’ve always truly wished they were doing good.
  9. You remember the important things—or at least some of them. That “Happy birthday” card or call or text? It’s a simple acknowledgment that helped someone feel valued and loved.
  10. You’ve given second chances when you knew someone really needed it.

The Strength to Live the Life

  1. You have made it past all the challenges that life threw at you.
  2. You have apologized – accepting your mistake required shaking off that ego of the mind and taking a step down but there sure is no shame in that. It’s actually a deed that requires courage and you owned it.
  3. You have forgiven – an act much appreciated yet the hardest one to perform. Letting go of all the vengeful and bitter thoughts for someone who hurt you in some way is not as easy as it sounds. You had the heart to clear out those thoughts and accept that person once again.
  4. You had the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. Whether it was a change of career or simply trying out a new dish at your favorite restaurant.
40 Reasons You’re Unique, Incredible and Worth Celebrating
  1. You have learned to adapt. Things are always changing sometimes according to our wishes and often against them, but you kept moving forward adjusting to all life gave you.
  2. You have solved problems. Big or small, problems are a part of life and we struggle with a lot of them during our lifetime. You took the initiative to solve a lot of them and make life easier for yourself and others.
  3. You’ve done your very best in all life situations you had to face, given the options and resources you had at your disposal.
  4. You have faced failures, learned from them, and risen back up. Rising back up after taking a hit in life can be difficult. It takes a whole lot of motivation, inspiration, and enthusiasm. You had all that in you!
  5. You have started over when it was hard, whether it was a new job, a new relationship, a new place, you have done it!
  6. You have made difficult choices even though you might look back to envision the outcomes of the other road, you have stood by your decisions and made it through.

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 The Uniqueness of Your Being

  1. Your advice has helped someone out who might have been stuck in a life situation.
  2. You have great taste in your own style – you have introduced someone to some amazing brands, foods, music, or even book.
  3. Your voice soothes someone. You don’t have to sound like Beyoncé to make someone fall in love but rather the ones that love you would want to hear it because it’s yours!
  4. You are creative in your own way – you may cook the best omelets or paint beautiful landscaped or even take great photographs.
  5. Your cute quirky habits make you YOU! Could be your laughter or a face you make. You are one of a kind and incredible.
  6. You’re beautifully messy, like all human beings, and your emotions give you empathy, depth, and many other gifts you may not even recognize.
  7. You have your own kind of smarts—book smarts, street smarts, emotional intelligence, maybe even all three.
  8. Your smile makes many other smiles. Your one smile causes this contagious effect and instantly shoots a positive vibe of happiness.
  9. The wisdom that you have acquired all through your life helps you make decisions the way no one else could.
  10. You are mentally fascinating. Just think of all the outlandish, complex, crazy thoughts that go through your mind each day.

The Journey You’ve Made So Far

  1. You’ve amassed a vast assortment of experiences that have given you insight and a unique perspective. No one else sees the world exactly like you!
  2. You have lived and surpassed all the ups and downs of life. And here you stand still moving forward.
  3. You’ve lived the journey from a child to an adult. You’ve chopped vegetables, done laundry, paid bills, studies through school, and reached so far.
  4. You’ve collected wonderful experiences and memories that you can relive in your head over and over again.
  5. You have met some amazing human beings along your journey that now stand by your side as friends and family.
  6. You have developed some interesting skills and hobbies that not all humans possess.
  7. You’re the co-star in many other people’s favorite memories.
  8. Your experiences and life lessons give you a perspective of the world that differs from all other people in the world. Nobody could see the world the way you do.
  9. You have found and/or create opportunities for yourself, and possibly in fields that aren’t easy to break into.
  10. You have made it so and built into this unique, compassionate, beautiful, and amazing human being.

There you go! Those are so many reasons to not give up on yourself. You are a reason to celebrate and rejoice so go and do that!

The real revolution is the evolution of human consciousness. This is Spirituality for Me. I’m here to be a part of this evolution and help fellow humans to wake up to this beautiful life-giving energy, so each one of us can live the way we were meant to live. Please join in with me on this beautiful journey to wake up from the misery of life and step into a better, brighter world!

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