Existence Of Time As The 4th Dimension

Existence of Time as the 4th Dimension

 Here I’m about to answer a question asked many times but as you read this post, I request you to keep a very open mind and absorb the information one bit at a time. This post just might change the way you look at life. 

Does the past really exist?

Let me start with a concept. Think of your life as a movie. The movie is like a flip-book that unfolds one frame or page at a time. 

Every present moment that you live, or in other words, every present moment that your consciousness perceives, is one still-frame of the movie.

As time moves forward, you live or experience the movie. As you begin to live your story, you create memories and store in your brain, which helps you create a time called the “Past”.

In other words, for the past to exists, you must have memory.

The other way round, the past can only exist in your memory. In this case, we can think of the future as a blank page ready to be written into the past.

Hence the past and future are actually known as “psychological time” which we shall talk about in another post. 

Time slice

Now let me shift your attention outside the 3-Dimensional world that we live in and move it into a 4-Dimensional world where time just exists as a block.

A 3D view of the universe is where things actually happen. Where time moves forward, things grow and die, that matter exists and decays, just like a movie.

But a 4D world is where nothing happens. If we slice our lives into 2D frames, similar to the movie frames, as time moves on in space, the actions keep happening. 

Now, let that movie be stored on a DVD. There is drama happening in the movie where the characters are living a certain life which is unfolding one moment at a time but this DVD on which the movie is stored simply just exists.

Now every moment of that movie actually already exists at certain coordinates on the DVD but the hero of the movie doesn’t know that. In order to reach the ending of that movie, all the characters will have to play their part. 

Block Universe

Similarly, you are a character in a movie, “YOUR MOVIE”, in which you are living one frame at a time without having a forward or rewind button. This brings us to the concept that the past, future, and present all exist simultaneously but we are perceiving it one slice of a moment at a time.

This movie might not have a happy ending or it might not be a blockbuster, but it IS your movie, i.e. the story of your life.

But if we are to believe the 4D concept, that would determine that change is actually an illusion and so is time.

An illusion that we, as 3D characters, experience since time is the fourth dimension itself.

It already exists as a block piece on which, at different coordinates, every moment is defined. Hence time is actually our 4th Dimension. 

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